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Descartes Labs is a geospatial intelligence company that performs scientific analysis of geospatial, remote sensing, and diverse complementary data sets to enable sustainable sourcing best practices, commodity price forecasting, and efficient mineral exploration for leading CPG, Agriculture, and Mining companies. The company also supports a diverse set of federal government efforts to curate, analyze, and provide unique actionable insights from geospatial data.

Our SaaS platform automates the analysis of geospatial imagery for our users, enabling planetary scale analysis through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We help our mining customers optimize industry operations across the entire mining life cycle, from mineral exploration to asset monitoring and mine rehabilitation.

Mineral Exploration:
We empower customers with enhanced mineral mapping tools that increase efficiency during exploration. Marigold, a remote sensing processing tool built inside an easy-to-use GIS interface, is designed for Exploration Geologists to explore with confidence at global scale.

Customers use Marigold for the following use cases:
- Development of greenfield, brownfield, or wide-scale ‘white space’ exploration mapping workflows
- Spectral compositional mapping of multispectral or hyperspectral data
- Outcrop discrimination and compositional mapping using remote sensing tools
- Compositional mapping of vegetation and other material surface cover types for vegetation baselining and similar applications
- Integration of digital elevation model data, surface texture or subsidence data for Quaternary geology or other surface mapping applications

Tailings Monitoring:
Our Global Deformation System (GDS) is the world’s first automated, global subsidence and deformation monitoring and alert system.

Our approach combines automated Sentinel-1 satellite ingest, monitoring, and measurement using our world-leading InSAR product. The product is updated globally every 12 days and a fully transparent analysis is delivered less than 24 hours from data collection.

Descartes Labs’ industry-leading data pipelines and automated preprocessing capabilities allow for rapid prototyping and provide a scalable solution to monitor all assets consistently. Customers are alerted to deformation events quickly, giving them the opportunity to address more serious infrastructure degradations before they occur.

Sustainable Mining:
Our solutions help customers determine and monitor key sustainability measurements across global assets, including prospective areas of interest, new leases, and existing mine sites with rehabilitation objectives.

- Determine forest cover, canopy height, forest structure, above ground biomass, and carbon stock using best in class remote sensing modeling solutions
- Identify precise dates for forest disturbance, distinguish primary forest from secondary forest, and identify unhealthy and at-risk vegetation over areas of interest
- Model complementary indices to gain a holistic understanding of biodiversity
- Generate historical time series and/or baselines over key areas of interest for critical sustainability metrics
- Leverage continuous monitoring for ongoing reporting internally or to third parties
- Configure customized alerting to inform targeted action and improve sustainability operations towards furthering ESG goals

Descartes Labs was spun out of Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2014, and is headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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