Dredge Robotics provides world-first underwater dredging technology for the mining sector. 

Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art robots operate in lined and non-lined ponds, process tanks, cooling towers, chemical ponds, reservoirs and turkeys nests. 

Our proprietary dredging robots allow assets to remain fully operational during dredging and are low risk as it completely removes the need for human entry.

We offer a range of specialist robotic products tailored to specific needs including: 

•    machines capable of operating in extreme pH environments (pH 1 or pH 14);
•    robots designed to safely remove weeds and aquatic plants from lined ponds without jeopardising the pond liner’s integrity; and
•    machines capable of removing deep, compacted mud from process tanks while they remain in full scale operation. 

These machines allow for maintenance tasks to be performed outside of shutdown windows, leading to substantial increases in production capacity. The ability to process more materials translates into higher revenues and a competitive edge in the market.

Dredge Robotics diverse benefits include: 

•    Liner-safe drive systems for lined assets.
•    Oil-less, fully electric systems.
•    Assets remain online.
•    Operates using environmentally friendly Panolin oil.
•    No confined space entry or barges.
•    State-of-the-art navigation and tracking systems for nil-visibility conditions.
•    The ability to operate in corrosive environments.
•    The capability to minimise turbidity.
•    Removal of 100% of sediment.
•    Lowest risk option.
•    World first technology.
•    Designed and built in Australia.

The robotic dredging services provided by Dredge Robotics are a game-changer for the mining sector, presenting an opportunity for mining companies to increase their asset uptime while driving greater financial, environmental and safety outcomes. 

If your minesite is ready to take the next big step forward in innovation, why not visit the team at Dredge Robotics and find out what this amazing technology can do for you?

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