World-leading dredging technology designed for non-potable applications in the processing, wastewater, industrial, manufacturing and mining sectors.
Purpose-built to operate in lined and non-lined ponds, process tanks, cooling towers, covered anaerobic lagoons, chemical ponds, non-potable reservoirs and turkeys nests.
Our proprietary dredging robots allow assets to remain fully operational during dredging and is low risk as it completely removes the need for human entry.
Dredge Robotics diverse capabilities include:
• Liner-safe, trackless drive systems for lined assets
• Oil-less, fully electric systems
• Assets remain online during dredging
• Operates using environmentally friendly Panolin oil
• No confined space entry or barges
• State-of-the-art navigation and tracking systems for nil-visibility conditions
• The ability to operate in corrosive environments
• The capability to minimise turbidity
• Removal of 100% of sediment
• Lowest risk option
• World first technology
• Designed and built in Australia
• Used extensively by major companies including FMG, Rio Tinto and BHP.
W: www.dredgerobotics.com.au
E: info@dredgerobotics.com.au


Watertight Robotics offer potable-grade robotic services for specific cleaning applications for drinking water assets including lined tanks, steel tanks, concrete tanks, elevated tanks, covered lagoons and in-ground reservoirs.
Commitment to water quality is paramount, and our proprietary robots utilise features such as potable grade lubricants, double mechanical seals and stainless-steel construction to ensure the preservation of water quality during use.
Our standards for water quality are among the highest in the world and are underpinned by the Australian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.
Our potable-grade technology has been extensively trialled, evaluated and utilised by major Australian utilities, including Greater Western water, Hunter Water, Melbourne Water, Yarra Valley Water and Water Corporation.
Watertight Robotics technology provides clients with the following benefits:
• No impact to water quality
• Liner-safe drive systems
• Assets cleaned and inspected while in service
• Lowest water consumption
• Negligible turbidity
• Is low risk, as it completely eliminates human entry
• Lower cost than traditional tank cleaning methods
• Highest water efficiency
• Achieves a complete clean
• Comprehensive asset inspection reporting
• Designed and built in Australia
• Globally award winning
• Used by water utilities including Water Corporation
W: www.watertightrobotics.com.au
E: info@wtrobotics.com.au

Dredge Robotics and Watertight Robotics are divisions of Fremantle Commercial Diving which is an Australian owned company that has been operating for 35 years, backed by experienced staff, an extensive asset base and comprehensive management systems. We hold triple ISO accreditations and have achieved Worksafe Platinum Standards.

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