A leading global producer of sustainable distributed energy, EDL is dedicated to a world of new energy for our customers and communities.

We understand, and are prepared for, the complexities of a decarbonising energy market. EDL develops innovative, tailored solutions that deliver on our customers’ expectations of reliable, cost-effective and sustainable energy.

We own and operate 90 power and gas facilities across Australia, North America and Europe, utilising a range of generation and fuels including:

  • renewable energy and hybrid renewables
  • liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas
  • biomethane (also known as renewable natural gas)
  • waste coal mine gas
  • landfill gas.

In Australia, we’ve been powering remote mines for since the 1980s. We know what it takes to work safely and effectively on a mine site. EDL is the market leader in the development and operation of high penetration, hybrid renewable microgrids. No other independent power provider in Australia has the same level of experience or track record of success.

Discover a world of new energy at https://edlenergy.com

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