Fleet Space Technologies, a leading Australian space company, is revolutionising humanity’s search for critical minerals, space exploration, and defence with its satellite-enabled solutions and seismic array technology (EXOSPHERE BY FLEET®). Headquartered at the national centre of Australia’s space industry in Adelaide, Fleet has expanded its global footprint to the US, Canada, Chile, and Luxembourg with over 100+ employees worldwide. USD $13 trillion of critical minerals are needed for the energy transition to meet our net-zero goals by 2040, according to the IMF. Fleet’s technology, EXOSPHERE BY FLEET®, has rapidly disrupted the exploration industry by delivering high-fidelity 3D mapping of underground critical mineral deposits - quickly, affordably, and with minimal environmental impact. Leveraging Fleet’s constellation of low Earth orbit satellites and passive seismic methods, EXOSPHERE BY FLEET® is able to provide actionable 3D velocity models in a matter of days, radically decreasing the time it takes to locate a potential deposit. The technology has been used to conduct surveys on a variety of commodity types across 5 continents with over 30 global exploration customers, including Rio Tinto, Barrick Gold and Core Lithium. In collaboration with government, defence, industry, and academia, Fleet is at the forefront of efforts to strengthen Australia’s sovereign space capabilities and bolster the domestically-led space and defense industry. The company aims to leverage its interplanetary seismic array technology, EXOSPHERE BY FLEET®, for Lunar and Martian missions to unlock insights for sustaining human life beyond Earth. This effort begins with the Demonstrator Program contract awarded to Fleet by the Australian Space Agency, which involves building geophysical devices for exploring the Moon’s subsurface. Fleet is also developing space-based defence capabilities for Australia and its allies through its satellite infrastructure, helping to deliver enhanced satellite-enabled tactical communications, data transmission, and connectivity.

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