Galetech Australia, an expansion of the Irish-owned Galetech Group into the Australian market, highlights its adaptability and international scope. With over 20 years of experience, it brings a one-stop-shop solution to the renewable energy lifecycle. Galetech Australia’s emphasis on ESG reporting and carbon reduction strategies showcases its commitment to sustainability and its capacity to cater to the specific needs of the Australian market. The integrated business units under Galetech Australia - Energy Services, Optinergy, EnergyPro and Measurement Services collectively represent a comprehensive suite of services across the renewable energy sector. This business collective offers an end-to-end solution for renewable energy projects.

Galetech Energy Services offers consultancy, engineering expertise and ESG reporting across various sectors, incorporating owner’s engineer services and detailed engineering solutions for projects from inception to operation. Focused on innovation and sustainability, its experienced team provides development support, technical guidance, and comprehensive project management, highlighting client interests with quality oversight. Specialising in due diligence and data analysis for renewable projects, Galetech delivers practical recommendations to ensure project success.

Optinergy operates as a dedicated 24/7 Operational Control Centre, ensuring continuous monitoring and management of wind, solar, and BESS farms. Specialising in real-time surveillance, site access and weather monitoring, fault analysis, and emergency response, it guarantees operational safety and efficiency with minimal downtime. Offering comprehensive reporting and exceptional customer support, Optinergy maintains the reliability and productivity of renewable energy assets.


EnergyPro provide tailored technical and financial services for the renewable energy sector, prioritising Health, Safety, Security, & Environmental Management. With experience managing over 980MW of assets, EnergyPro ensures safety, efficiency, and compliance across projects. Their services cover site management, inspections, contractor management, remote monitoring through the Optinergy team, technical analysis, and data analytics, aiming to optimise asset performance while offering expertise in regulatory compliance, financial reporting, and trading interfaces.

Galetech Measurement Services specialises in precise measurement and analysis for renewable energy projects, delivering accurate, bankable data crucial for site selection and performance optimisation. Utilising advanced technology and methodologies, they ensure the reliability and efficiency of renewable energy assets, supporting project feasibility, design, and operational efficiency.

With a collective experience of over 60 years in the industry and a proven track record in executing renewable energy projects, the group demonstrates a capacity to manage large-scale projects and navigate complex transactions. The integration of these entities under Galetech Australia enables the leveraging of shared expertise and resources to provide a wide range of services in the renewable energy and sustainability space.

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