Group 6 Metals

  • Location: Australia
  • Tickers: ASX:G6M
  • Commodities: Tungsten
  • Project Stages: Development, Exploration

Group 6 Metals Limited (ASX: G6M), previously known as King Island Scheelite Limited (ASX: KIS), is an Australian resources exploration and development company. The Company’s name honours tungsten as Group 6 Metals’ first commodity project (The Dolphin Tungsten Mine) under development, as tungsten is a member of Group 6 of the periodic table along with chromium, molybdenum and seaborgium, as well as being a critical mineral and a geopolitically strategic resource.

The Company is focused on the redevelopment of its 100%-owned Dolphin Tungsten Mine located on King Island, Tasmania. Initially the focus is on producing a high grade of tungsten concentrate, however, plans are to value-add the concentrate for supply into the upstream tungsten industry.

  • asx: g6m

    • -0.005 (-2.56%)

* Based on previous 24 hours performance

  • asx: g6m

    • -0.005 (-2.56%)

* Based on previous 7 days performance

  • asx: g6m

    • -0.005 (-2.56%)

* Based on previous 12 weeks performance

  • asx: g6m

    • 0.045 (31.03%)

* Based on previous 12 months performance

Open 0.19500 Volume 152993
High 0.19500 52w High 0.28000
Low 0.19000 52w Low 0.13000
Close 0.19000

* 28 September 2022 (AUD)

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