Groupe M7 / Megatraction / Enduride

Groupe M7 / Megatraction / Enduride

At Groupe M7, we develop innovative solutions to optimize efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of primary industry.

Megatraction: We created the world’s safest, fastest and easiest lifting system intended for the maintenance of mining excavators, shovels and bulldozers.

Enduride: Our specialized belt conveyor solutions offer outstanding performance and superior durability for the most intensive bulk processing industries.

Our expert engineers, international sale force and worldwide partners network are fully committed to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to increase productivity and sustainability of the primary industry. Thanks to our strong innovation culture, our extensive product line offers customized solutions that really solve our clients’ challenges, supported by skilled professionals with solid technical and financial business cases.

Our divisons: Metal7, Enduride, Megatraction, Cast7.

Groupe M7 / Megatraction / Enduride

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