Hydratune is a Western Australian founded, owned, and operated business.

Hydratune has developed a proprietary technology which addresses significant problems in the way Hydraulic Maintenance is performed, currently hydraulic system tuning must be performed on live equipment, exposing personnel to extreme safety risks, extending equipment downtime and contributing to asset performance issues.

The Hydratune system removes technicians from hazardous environments by replacing their physical input with remotely operable tools. The system enables faster servicing, task automation, collection of highly useful analytics and service optimisation.

Hydratune have applied for international patents for the Hydratune system in key markets including Japan, Canada, UK, New Zealand, the US and the EU, in addition to their currently held Australian patents.

The Hydratune system is perfectly positioned to assist with the increasing demand for safety-oriented solutions in mining applications, which will continue to increase based on underlying demand in the area of live work elimination.

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