Hydrogenus Energy Limited

We are drawing on our extensive engineering and engine development capability to develop the Intellectual Property required to operate reciprocating engines safely and reliably using Hydrogen as their fuel.

Hydrogen is attracting interest at all levels as a potential energy source. 

Our engine technologies will be a key part of a system to deliver dispatchable power using hydrogen as a fuel.  

Hydrogen has the potential to replace diesel fuel as the primary energy source for off grid locations such as remote communities and mining operations. 

Hydrogen can be made and stored on location - delivering lower cost energy and de-carbonizing the business or community.   

This delivers a triple bottom line of better economic outcomes, better environmental outcomes and more reliable operation as it does not require the import of skills or materials.

There is substantial support from State and Federal Governments, as well as the private sector, through Green Bonds and the demand to de-carbonize, to reduce Australia’s dependence on diesel and to deliver Zero Carbon, reliable, remote location energy services.

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