Stop talking about IoT, AI and Industry 4.0 technology; and get started with it, fast.

I4 Mining provides the mining sector with a range of specialist solutions built on a world-leading all-in-one data, AI + IoT platform, designed to help miners achieve their current and future objectives.

100% interoperable with all your existing and third-party technologies; our Dynamix platform unites your data to create a real-time single source of truth and adds easy-to-use Industry 4.0 functionality to provide you with real-time monitoring, predictive insights, as well as AI and automation abilities from mine-to-market - all in a single, seamless platform.

To tackle individual strategic goals, we offer a suite of pre-built digital mining solutions for key business areas, (including ESG, Health & Safety, Predictive Maintenance and much more), that contain all the functionality and pre-programmed machine learning and adaptive real-time analytics that you need to make a positive impact on critical metrics in weeks.

What's more, we work with a global network of best-in-class partners, offer data science and optimization services, and provide 24/7 support to ensure that you achieve your goals and succeed with transformative next generation Industry 4.0 technology.

Fast-to-deploy, easy-to-use, and commercially viable no matter the size; we reduce risk and deliver a rapid ROI, guaranteed.

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