Insight Mining Experts’ (IME) mines for knowledge and provides insights across the mining value chain on the role of the critical minerals for the net-zero future by 2050 and help mining companies to grow a sustainable shared value inclusive industry. The company does it in two ways, firstly connecting the mining industry with all experts who are experts in critical minerals across the value chain and solve sustainability (ESG) issues. The company has various platforms which includes a Podcast, the “The Sustainable Mine of the Future” that aims to bring Thought Leaders in the industry to share their views. The First series named, “Global Women in STEM: Why the Mining Industry needs more women in STEM” was launched in 2018. With over 30 global women in STEM participating in the interviews. The second part is providing C-Suite Leaders in mining and government in-depth industry and competitor research insights on competitive strategies to access, grow and create value in critical minerals for the net-zero future. Key Focus Areas:
Our Top Analysts with over >50 years mining industry experience across various commodities, will provide an executive summary of global trends shaping the critical minerals supply and demand and a competitor dashboard
Executive dashboard with insights of:
• How to grow a sustainable mining industry
• What critical minerals and metals are required and where to compete for a low carbon economy?
• How to create responsible supply chains and sustainable communities
• How an inclusive workforce of the future will look like with strong localisation strategies?
• How to create sustainable strategies to attract and retain women in STEM
• A full suite of Environment, social and governance dashboard to track for your mining company
Connect you with the most impactful Experts and innovators that will support your mining needs and create a competitive advantage
Country Access strategies in Africa: Where and how to compete ensuring security of tenure and ease of doing business

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