What will make your next business expansion successful?

The world’s best-educated workforce? Some of the most generous R&D tax incentives in the G7? The easiest place to start a business in the G20? A world leading mining jurisdiction?

Canada provides a top performing economy for mining businesses to innovate, grow, and succeed. Mining and exploration companies as well as METS choose to shape their future in Canada for its openness and stability, educated workforce, well-developed innovation ecosystem, unmatched access to international markets, and strong business foundation.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, operating under the Invest in Canada brand, provides customized and complimentary services to help companies unlock investment opportunities in Canada, such as practical advice on foreign markets and on-the-ground intelligence to help them make better, more timely and cost-effective decisions in order to achieve their expansion goals.

We bring industry, community and government partners together to offer seamless services that make it easy for companies to grow their operations in Canada. In particular, we offer the following services to Australian Investors:

Investment support
• Assistance in developing a business case for your next investment project
• Information and advice on doing business in Canada
• Strategic market intelligence on your industry
• Site visits

• Provincial, territorial and local investment promotion agencies who can help you access local opportunities, networks and programs
• Key contacts in private industry, academia and government
• Strategic industry events and international activities
• Referrals to investment support professionals, such as lenders, lawyers, accounting firms, information specialists and private-sector industry associations

• Industry-specific regulatory environment
• Government programs that can help you set up a business in Canada, access tax and R&D credits as well as other incentives

About the Canadian mining landscape:

Canada is a global Mining Leader. The country hosts a diverse and rich endowment of mineral resources, a favourable tax regime for the mining sector, and public support to encourage exploration and mining activity. This is attracting world-class mine operators and suppliers of equipment, professional services and expertise in mine financing. The country remains the undisputed leader in responsible business practices and responsible sourcing and this will attract more and more foreign investment, which will contribute in growing a world-leading mining supply and service sector.

The interest of International companies in Canada is increasing. Not only does Canada produce over 60 minerals and metals worth nearly CAD48 billion, the country is a leading global producer of many minerals including those used in advanced battery technologies, such as graphite (5th) and nickel (5th) and is home to almost half of the world’s publicly listed mining and exploration companies. The Canadian government also recognises the importance of the relationship between natural resources and clean technology to the country's economy, and is supporting investments in the Cleantech sector.

Abundant mineral and metal resources, sustainable mineral development, sophisticated financial institutions, broad geoscience expertise, an extensive science and technology network, as well as world-class equipment, professional services, and mine financing expertise are all strengths of Canada's mineral sector. These key capabilities are increasingly attracting Australian companies from the whole mining Ecosystem to explore Canada’s potential, either for those interested in exploring greenfield opportunities, as well as those that already have a presence in the nation and want to expand their current operations or research new initiatives.

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