Québec, rich in minerals and opportunities

Québec, it’s more than 200 000 active mining titles, 21 active mines, 36 mining projects, 2.66G$ in private mining investments and 11.91G$ in shipment value.

Québec has significant mining potential that accounts for one-fifth of Canada’s mineral production. The province produces and develops 17 metals and 12 non-metallic commodities, making it the most diverse resource base in Canada. Québec is the 1st Canadian province to adopt a plan for critical and strategic minerals and contributes to supplying these minerals, since it produces nickel, niobium and graphite, and mining projects are underway for lithium, vanadium, rare earths and tantalum. 

Québec is one of the most attractive mineral jurisdictions in the world with a stable business environment and favourable to investments. We assist companies at all stages in the development of their mining projects. Thanks to hydropower, roughly 99% of our energy is low-cost, stably-priced, clean and renewable and we have a vast infrastructure network including roads, railways, ports and airports. 

Québec is strategically located north-east of the United States with a year-long maritime access to Ontario and the american midwest through the St-Laurence Seaway. It is close to major population and industrial centres and has easy access to Europe and Asia thanks to its deep-water ports. Québec also works closely with associations representing the mining sector and with communities that host projects. These communities are natural project partners and work with the Government to develop the mining sector. The Government also promotes the mining sector by outlining the principles of sustainable development and best practices of social acceptability through initiatives such as the ECOLOGO certification.

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