Jiangsu Jiaxuan Intelligent Industrial Technology Co Ltd

Founded in 2005, Jasung Intelligent is headquartered in Changzhou, the shore of Taihu Lake—Chinese intelligent manufacturing base. Jasung Intelligent aspires to be a leading future-oriented factory in the world. We are aware of innovation as the driving force to improve production, and gather excellent talents to create advanced technology; by fusion of technology and innovation, we keep challenging reform and create high-quality products; on the increasingly complex production site, how to maximize production in a sustainable, safe and energy-saving manner counts most. As a leading manufacturer of intelligent permanent magnet drive system, cloud intelligent equipment diagnosis management system and bulk material conveying maintenance system, Jasung Intelligent has always led the development direction of permanent magnet drive technology, products have passed national scientific and technological achievement appraisal, selected into National Catalogue of Recommended Energy-saving Products, and it formulated 10+ permanent magnet electric roller industry standards, accredited as Specialized, Refined, Special and New Little Giant Enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

Jasung Intelligent is committed to promoting high-efficiency, energy-saving and intelligent control solutions, bringing revolution to the heart of intelligent manufacturing. We contribute to boosting industrial drive system upgrading, so as to achieve a vital philosophy of “overall production cost reduction” throughout construction, production and maintenance, and facilitate optimization of industrial production, fully using advanced innovative technology and information.


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