Klaveness Digital

Klaveness Digital was created out of Torvald Klaveness, a company that has delivered efficient and reliable shipping services to industrial cargo customers for over 75 years. Through an ambition to help customers reduce costs and risks related to both shipping and inventory through digital means, CargoValue was born.

Since we started developing the platform in 2015, we have worked closely with leading industrial companies in the metals and mining, aluminum, agricultural, and energy industries. Together with those companies, we have identified significant value creation opportunities in digitalizing and automating manual processes related to sourcing, shipping, and inventory management.

With this knowledge journey we have been able to create a solution enabling industrial companies that previously relied heavily on the manual collection of information and data entry in spreadsheets to stay updated on seaborne logistics, with collaboration between stakeholders largely done via e-mail and phone. These manual processes made it challenging to quickly realign plans to manage unexpected supply disruptions, often leading to costly events such as demurrage, higher freight costs, large amounts tied up in working capital, and other costs associated with supply chain waste.

We are changing this with CargoValue. We are improving efficiency across teams by increasing transparency, bridging the gaps between stakeholders involved in the planning, scheduling, and production processes.

We are empowering industrial companies to build the next generation of resilient, decarbonized, and cost-effective supply chains.

What some of our customers in the mining industry says about CargoValue:

"Cargo Value - First Class Supply Chain Management System"
- The level of support and development of the system to meet customers’ requirements is fantastic. Overall, the solution is extremely user friendly, simplifies planning and scheduling of shipments, enhances situation awareness and decision-making process via real time tracking and reporting, and provides transparency to promote collaboration at many levels.

Jacob H.
Senior Associate - Inbound Logistics
Mining & Metals | Aluminium

"We are going to rely on CargoValue greatly in the near future."
- A great experience where the software supplier has worked will us to give us more than we asked for and more than we thought was possible. It demonstrates the benefits that modern software can have on a not so modern steelworks and port.

Raw Materials & Inventory Planning Manager
Mining & Metals | Iron Ore

"User Friendly & Customer Service is #1"
- So far we have been assisted in realizing a 300k saving, and I have no doubt that we will see more savings in the coming months. We have had RCA's conducted with the assistance of the Klaveness Digital team and they are regularly communicating and meeting with us to assist in improvements with our schedule. The customer service is second to none!

Courtney P.
Port Scheduler
Mining & Metals | Iron Ore

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