Landpac Asia-Pacific specialises in providing and implementing ground improvement solutions, in mining applications, on compressible unstable sub-grades with the use of Impact Compaction.

The combination of our technical expertise, experience and range of Impact Compactor models makes us a market leader offering a full range of Impact Compaction services to the mining and construction industries.
Our reputation has been built on providing practical and cost-effective solutions with our in-house geotechnical expertise and experienced personnel. Our willingness to collaborate with our clients and their engineers during the planning and execution phases ensures our clients get the desired outcome. 35 years since inception, Landpac Australia has delivered ground improvement solutions and provided impact compaction services throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

About High Energy Impact Compaction - HEIC

HEIC can reduce surface corrugations and potholes whilst also compacting loose and slippery surface material and crushing large and sharp rock edges. Reducing the size of rock on tip heads, tailing dam walls and waste dumps in its current position (rather than moving it to another location for processing) saves valuable time, effort and resources.

High Energy Impact Compaction is perfect for:
• Reducing surface corrugations and potholes caused over time
• Compacting loose or slippery surface materials
• Crushing large and sharp-edged rocks

Respond to today’s Mining challenges.

Material and budget constraints hold back many projects from being completed on schedule or on budget. High Energy Impact Compaction (HEIC) works on naturally occurring voids, with no need to dig and replace fill - making for faster, more efficient work.

Keep communities safe while providing infrastructure.

If adverse soil conditions are detected that could bring risk to people or the environment, HEIC allows compaction without the need to unearth or disturb what’s underneath.
So, the next time you’re doing some work on haul roads or are looking for a better way to prepare tailing dam bases or walls, give Landpac a call to discuss your options. You’ll be glad you did.

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