Over 20 years ago Loadscan invented and patented the original load volume scanner and now offers their Mining Payload Scanner (MPS), a mining-specific load scanning solution. Since inception we have been the market leader in providing accurate and reliable load information, with our LVS and MPS scanners operating to an accuracy of +/- 1%. In 2021 we created Mine Payload Technologies, a specialist product division delivering mining-specific solutions to meet the unique demands of the industry.

Loadscan’s Advanced Mining Solutions are satisfying growing global demand for reliable and accurate load measurement across a range of increasingly challenging underground and surface mining operations. Our Mining Payload Scanner (MPS) provides the detailed insights necessary for mines to increase production and throughput by optimising material loading and trucking factors.

The MPS system measures actual load volume and not a converted weight estimate. This ensures that every load is accurately accounted for, taking into consideration site-specific bulking and compaction factors, in turn improving ore body knowledge. This highly accurate method of measuring loads makes production reconciliation easier and stockpile surveying more accurate. Plus the MPS requires no recalibration, unlike common weighing systems.

Loadscan uses the highest specification lasers in their scan head. But accurate measurement alone is not enough. Only when you combine accurate laser measurement with our advanced proprietary algorithms do you get reliable and trustworthy data. This enables the MPS to easily identify underloading and off-centre loading in real time, enabling immediate remedial action to be taken. Trucks are automatically identified via RFID, and 3D images are produced for every scanned load. This helps to improve loader operator performance through fact-based coaching and training.

Every load delivered or removed from site is accounted for, eliminating discrepancies and disagreements around quantities hauled and mill processing data. The MPS system also identifies carryback in real time and immediately alerts operators and drivers when a pre-set carryback threshold has been reached.

Loadscan technology is enabling substantially improved operational and ļ¬nancial performance for forward-thinking mining companies across the world. We’ve sold our systems globally into over 35 countries, and that’s growing fast! Loadscan has become a truly global brand, supplying systems to some of the most respected players in our target industries.

If there are loads to be measured, no matter where you are, you can rely on Loadscan. Because no-one does it more accurately than us.

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