LETA is an investor in technologies that are critical to reducing carbon emissions from the coal industry in order for them to meet their international climate commitments.
Since 2006, Australia’s black coal producers have committed AUD$700M through LETA to identify, research and develop technologies that can make a real difference to how industry produces energy, steel and other materials.
To date, LETA has funded feasibility and demonstration projects across many different low emission technologies including the world's first carbon capture demonstration from a power plant, identifying world class CO2 storage locations in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia and undertaking critical research into managing fugitive emissions from coal mines. 
LETA represents the interests of its members through:
DEMONSTRATION – Demonstrating new, low carbon energy technology
DEPLOYMENT – Establishing the development of multi-industry low carbon technology, helping to remove investment risk and encourage industry involvement
COMMUNICATION – Growing awareness, understanding and recognition of low emissions technology and their role in a low carbon economy
ADVOCACY – Accelerating investment in technology through incentive-based policy
ENGAGEMENT – Increasing collaboration across industries to establish to establish emissions reduction at scale and faster
LETA is supported by a voluntary levy on coal production and includes 26 investors from among Australia’s black coal producers.

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