Established in Condobolin in 2006, MASPRO Engineering is a family-owned and operated mining technology business with a history spanning three generations.

We are leaders in manufacturing quality spare parts for OEM equipment and have leveraged reverse engineering to understand how to manufacture high-quality products, delivering precision-engineered mining parts to the world. Our aftermarket parts are tough enough to perform under pressure in the most demanding mining environments - manufacturing is in our DNA.

With a culture of innovation, we have continually tested and trailed different means of manufacturing to meet demand, ultimately investing in cutting-edge technology, highly skilled people and rigorous quality processes.

We invest in technology and help employees upskill to adopt the latest industry-leading practices.

This approach allows us to be flexible and deliver solutions that are currently influencing the way mining operations are undertaken. Our goal is to reduce recurring failures and help clients who are driven to operate at outstanding levels of efficiency.

Using a combination of digital design software, 3D optical scanning equipment and comprehensive metallurgical knowledge, we re-engineer and perfect parts to be stronger, tougher and more suited to the world’s harshest mining environments.

Through collaboration and data-driven research using in-house and external sources, we streamline operations to improve safety, productivity and innovation.

A strong and reliable part is a safe part. On-site, failures and stop-work orders stemming from safety issues can heavily impact efficiency: productivity is intrinsically tied to safety, and MASPRO engineering maintains strict safety standards to safeguard people and plant when it matters most.

At MASPRO engineering, our rigorous QA process demands every design change be signed off by multiple engineers, guaranteeing the part’s structural safety and performance. Our strong technical knowledge and long-term partnership approach means you can rely on our engineering skills, advice and support.

Our expert team works collaboratively to understand how various mine sites operate. This deep understanding of drilling techniques and processes translates to fit-for-purpose designs, ensuring operators can drill more metres, uphold safety standards, and reduce costs.

Mining operators tap into our expertise when they need to drill more metres in less time. We look beyond the surface to find the root cause of failures, working with reliability engineers to solve complex problems.

Our long-term relationships with some of the world’s best-known mining companies are a testament to our reputation for reliability.  

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