MIRS - Robotic Innovations for Mining and Heavy Industry


MIRS headquartered in Santiago, Chile is an industry leader in developing cutting-edge robotic applications tailored to the unique demands of mining and heavy industries. Since our inception in 2005, we have continuously pushed the boundaries of technology, providing innovative solutions that enhance productivity, reduce costs, improve safety, and elevate the quality of end products. With a global presence and a passionate commitment to excellence, MIRS is redefining the future of mining and heavy industry operations.


Our mission at MIRS is to exceed our customers' expectations by delivering robotic products and solutions that epitomize design excellence and technological leadership. We are dedicated to contributing to the professional growth of our employees and the long-term sustainability of our investors while revolutionizing the way industries operate.


We aspire to lead the global robotic revolution in mining industry. Our vision is to empower these sectors with advanced robotic technologies that enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Robotic Applications in Operation:

Robotic Haul Truck Washing Station: Streamlining the cleaning process for haul trucks, ensuring a clean and efficient fleet.

Robotic Collector of Concentrate Samples: Precise and automated collection of samples from trucks and Maxi-bags, enhancing data accuracy.

Robotic Cathode Stripping Machine: Automating the challenging process of cathode stripping for enhanced productivity and safety.

Robotic Mill Liner Change: External mill liner change automation for improved maintenance efficiency.

Robotic Furnace Passage Tapping and Plugging: Precision and safety in furnace maintenance.

Robotic Base Plate Buffing: Automated base plate polishing to maintain equipment quality.

MIRS Service:

At MIRS, our commitment extends beyond system implementation. We offer dedicated engineering teams worldwide for continuous support, including system reviews, upgrades, preventive maintenance, and breakdown assistance. Our goal is to ensure your equipment runs efficiently and productively. We tailor our services to your needs, offering spontaneous assistance as well as comprehensive service packages, scheduled maintenance, technical assistance, training, and spare parts, to maximize equipment efficiency.


2005: Implemented our first robotic solution - Replacement of Base Plates in Cathode Stripper Machine No. 1 at Codelco Norte Division, Radomiro Tomic.

2007: Birth of MIRS - Robot for Opening and Closing Passages in Melting Furnaces at Codelco Norte Division, Chuquicamata.

2009: Introduced Mi Robotic Sampler - Robotic Sampler at Maxi-bags, Molymet.

2011: Deployed Robotized Baseplate Polisher at Minera Centinela.

2011: Introduced Robotized Machine for the Stripping of Starter Sheets at Codelco Ventanas Division.

2013: Implemented a Robotized Cathode Stripper for Mantos Blancos.

2016: Exported first robotic solutions - Robotized Initial Sheet Stripping Machine for Amarillo Refinery of Grupo Mexico in the United States.

2017: Deployed Robotic Trommel Pallet Handler for Minera Escondida.

2018: Executed the first robotic project in Peru - MI Robotic Sampler for concentrate samples.

2019: Continued expansion in Peru with MI Robotic Sampler for Glencore Antapaccay and Glencore Matarani.

2021: Developed, designed, and implemented robotic applications for the integral maintenance of SAG and ball mills.

2022: Implemented Robotic Truck Washing System, further enhancing operational efficiency.

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