MOMA Solar is an Australian Owned supplier and national provider of renewable lighting solutions, specializing in Solar LED lighting products. 

We strive to create positive environmental change by developing sustainable and accessible solar lighting solutions.

Supporting local businesses is a priority for us. The MOMA Solar Temporary Pop Up Solar Light Bases and Swivelpoles are manufactured in Australia allowing us to keep lead times and freight costs down. 

We also utilise local Lighting Engineers and contractors for installation services. All designs are completed to AS/NZS Standard 1158 and are Main Roads compliant. 

Our products are designed by Australians for Australian conditions. As a small business we are agile and proactive in developing solar products that can be easily customized to suit the evolving needs of our clients. 

We supply solar lighting solutions to many industries such as mining, oil & gas, construction, local & state government. Our product range covers a variety of products for both permanent and temporary applications such as Street Lighting, Security Lighting, Turtle/Animal Friendly Lighting, Vandal Resistant Bollards, Traffic Management signage, Flag Lighting and more.

Many of our products are IP65 rated meeting Australian standards of being fully protected against dust and other particulates, this includes a vacuum seal. They have also been tested against continuous airflow and against low pressure jets (6.3mm) of directed water from any angle with no harmful effects.

We also use the latest in battery technology with modes that conserve energy and output when needed

The MOMA Solar MOSLX series of luminaires have been designed by MOMA Solar specifically for Australia’s harsh conditions, they are an all in one unit for ease of installation and maintenance with components that are of the highest quality.

Our luminaires charge during daylight hours, turn on at dusk and off at dawn and have a remote to change between the four brightness and sensor settings. 

The luminaires come with a fully adjustable bracket suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting, and a 60mm OD 150mm long spigot. We can also supply adaptors to suit a range of different pole sizes if required.

Solar lighting technology has advanced significantly in recent years and so has our ability to provide better sustainable alternatives to traditional energy solutions.

We encourage everyone to try the MOMA Solar lighting range, the products will genuinely surprise you with their reliability and innovation.

Contact us on 1300 00 MOMA or email

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