Creating robust, reliable rugged technology. 

Motium are experts in the ground up design and build of bespoke rugged computing technology. In other words, we will design, develop, manufacture and solve your rugged technology problems.

Australian based, privately owned and operated business established in 2002, Motium produces reliable, customisable, innovative engineered Panel PCs, Tablet Computers, LCD Monitors in a variety of sizes to suit any situation. 

Motium's TUFF Panel PC, TUFF View and TUFF PC range are able to withstand extreme temperatures, electronic interference, mechanical shock, resist electrical disturbances and are sunlight readable. Motium also produces TUFF IoT, a rugged, robust, reliable IoT, and networking device. More importantly, all Motium devices are designed to seamlessly integrate and operate as one platform.  

Motium's products are produced in-house and offer OEM customisation, resulting in the ability to fully-customise products to meet specific customer requirements. Delivering a carefully planned and well executed design through client involvement, leads to a tailor-made, cost-effective rugged technology solution.

Solutions span across a range of industries including Mining, Transportation, Waste Management, Emergency Services, Industrial Automation, Defence and Marine.

With nearly 20 years of business stability driven by listening to customers, Motium continues to adapt and evolve with market opportunities by investing in systems and processes. Along with a strong, proven management team leading 42 personnel with 250 years of engineering experience, Motium is your trusted rugged technology partner.


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