At Nomad Atomics we help organisations that need accurate insights into underground environments gain critical data fast so they can make more informed decisions. Our next-generation quantum absolute gravimeters deliver unsurpassed data quality and are specifically designed and hardened for field and survey operations. This enables high resolution and long-term visualisation of underground dynamics, offering advantages for resources exploration, underground mine monitoring, land and groundwater management, and CO2 sequestration monitoring.

We offer end-to-end capabilities encompassing technology development and manufacture, sensor deployment and field surveys, and data processing to deliver superior data to our clients using technology that has been optimised for each application. Our technology pathway extends beyond land-based gravimeters, incorporating a suite of quantum sensors, including airborne gravimeters, magnetometers, accelerometers, and clocks.

At Nomad Atomics we are driven by the desire to see quantum technologies move out of the laboratory, and into the world where their true potential can be realised. Our technology is underpinned by research and capabilities developed at world class universities, including the Australian National University and Humboldt University of Berlin, where our cofounders lead advanced quantum sensing programs focused on building and miniaturising deployable sensors. Since its creation in 2021 the Nomad Atomics team has expanded to include members with extensive backgrounds in quantum sensor development, geophysical sensor application and commercialization.

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