Advanced subsurface measurements enabling accurate real-time ore evaluation.

We provide world-leading down-hole instrumentation and cloud-based technologies that help the mining industry get better data, faster.

Our solutions record a range of geophysical, directional, rig performance and rig diagnostics data, all while the drill keeps turning.
Breakthrough technologies drillMAX and drillHUB enable the collection of high quality geophysical and directional data. drillMAX provides real-time downhole logging while drilling (LWD) of GR, along with hole azimuth and deviation. drillHUB provides surface based Measure While Drilling (MWD) information. Together these combine to provided advanced answer products like Density and Hardness.

This critical data is streamed to our cloud-based data management system, drillINFO for processing and quality control (QC) and can then be accessed live by geologists and other stakeholders from any location around the world.

Our solutions deliver a range of benefits:

  • Significantly reduces time frames to record downhole data and turn it into high-quality, reliable information
  • Ensures decision-makers can make better decisions, sooner
  • Reduces time spent surveying at the drill by 60%
  • Enables more efficient management of drilling campaigns and drilling depth optimization
  • The only technology available capable of collecting downhole data at the hammer significantly improving hardness and other advanced data products
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing database systems
  • Delivers significant financial and operational benefits

We aim to deliver all the data geologists need to make decisions in real time as the drill keeps turning.

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