The Vision of Proskill is through world leading education in minutes to show the huge financial and environmental savings or waste companies can correct instantly. Proskiil presented at a waste and recycle conference and in preparation dug deep on our textile and workwear industries. We were shocked at what we found with respect of the unknown financial and environmental waste. From this Proskill built a world leading financial and environmental waste and savings calculator which shows in minutes the savings or waste no employee, company or our world can afford.

Proskill is a leader in presenting the calculator to companies all over the world where companies are seeing the financial, Water, Co2 and landfill waste or savings in minutes have awoken.  Proskill distributes Mascot workwear which is the only workwear in the country SA8000 audited and certified meaning the risk of modern slavery is also removed.

Mascot’s manufacturing processes and longevity are saving companies millions of dollars, millions of litres of water, Co2 and landfill all at the same time. Mascot Workwear has invested over 40 years in world Leading Workwear with R&D labs in Denmark and at its own manufacturing facility in Vietnam. With the challenges we are all facing and the shortage of employees we are experiencing employee investment and morale boosting could not be more important.

Employees realise this the moment they put Mascot Workwear on by their feeling and functionality.
Employees in Mascot Workwear, their colleagues, they’re families and their communities are now having the conversation on the financial and environmental savings which is becoming infectious and a big win for all of us.

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