Pulse Mining Systems

Pulse Mining Systems

“The agile Aussie company leading the world in mining business technology” – this is how Pulse makes headlines since catapulting into the world market for mining software (Startup.info) and winning comparative challenges against generic ERPs that are merely adapted for mining.

Pulse presents the full suite of digital solutions for mining business management and optimisation. Five core modules and an arsenal of state-of-the-art tools can be used alone or combined into a fully integrated system that is incomparable as a mining-specific ERP.

Pulse Mining ERP streamlines the management of underground, surface, and underwater mining for all resource types by any methodologies, as well as green energy production, in any location including remote sites. Transforming roles in financials, budgeting, planning, operations (production and maintenance), marketing, supply, workforce management, environmental management, and site control – Pulse comes complete with the full range of apps and digital accessories for mobility, B2B interconnectivity, and data automation to make people’s jobs easier throughout the organisation. Pulse therefore minimises costs in every department.

Pulse Analytics provides real-time dashboard visualisations of meaningful KPIs across the whole business and each focus area within. Managers are empowered by instant drill-down from dashboard graphics to source details for rapid decision-making. From the boardroom to the frontline, live KPIs displayed on TV screens drive teams to improve their own productivity. Pulse Analytics is arguably the finest BI system for mining – integrating, analysing, and visualising data from all sources including any ERP systems, software, apps, machine and environmental sensors, and even spreadsheets. Developed in Australia over many years, Pulse Analytics is used for the optimisation of mining operations as far away as Canada, for example, and in industries outside of mining such as manufacturing, transport, and financial services.

Deep collaboration with successful real-world mining companies is at the heart of Pulse system development. From start-ups and restarts in gold and niche resources to rolling acquisitions at major scale, Pulse is the choice for companies wanting the benefits of digital transformation more quickly, reliably, and completely than by patching disparate solutions together.

With more than 60 team members headquartered at Thornton, Hunter Valley NSW, and more than 30 years of experience as a mining systems provider, Pulse promises 100% inhouse development, the highest standards of security, and 24/7 support to clients around the world. Pulse experts are also available as a specific-mission service to help mining firms with the extreme optimisation of system utilisation and system-related business processes.

Pulse Mining Systems is a platinum sponsor of IMARC 2021 with an interactive exhibit and several conference engagements for Pulse managing director and CEO, Ash Bosworth. The whitepaper ‘Holistic Business Optimization v. The Silo Mentality’, from the talk by Ash Bosworth at IMARC 2019, has been republished and cited by numerous global media platforms.

Pulse Mining Systems

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