Razor Labs is a leading provider of predictive maintenance solutions for the mining sector, offering a cutting-edge solution with its flagship product, DataMind AI™. The company leverages its unique AI Sensor Fusion technology to forecast equipment failures, enhancing operational efficiency and safety. A publicly traded entity with offices in New York, Tel Aviv, Perth and Sydney, Razor Labs boasts a strong presence in key mining regions such as Australia and South Africa, where its solutions have catalyzed significant improvements.

DataMind AI™ is an all-in-one automated predictive maintenance platform designed to ensure comprehensive live coverage and online monitoring of critical mining equipment​​.

Powerful AI Sensor Fusion Technology

The platform is based on advanced AI Sensor Fusion technology and comprises hundreds of years of combined domain expertise in mining equipment. It analyses data from a wide array of sensors to accurately predict an unprecedented variety of equipment failures and identify their root causes so that failures don’t happen again​​.

Comprehensive Sensor Suite

DataMind AI™ utilizes a wide range of sensors, such as oil, vibration, electrical current, pressure, temperature, cameras, and others. Installation is swift and hassle-free, enabling the equipment to go live in only a few days. The solution leverages existing data sources, filling any sensor gaps for 24/7 monitoring.

Extensive Domain Expertise

Our team of seasoned and licensed condition-monitoring experts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Equipped with the DataMind AI™ software platform, our SMEs are available for consultation. They can provide in-depth domain expertise to ensure the most accurate and actionable insights into the health of your machines. The site team can consult with our experts regarding insights picked by the data models, the rationale behind specific diagnoses, and prescriptive actions.

This collaborative approach guarantees comprehensive and well-informed decision-making processes for maintaining optimal machine performance.

Integration with the Existing Solutions

The system's architecture integrates seamlessly with existing solutions (e.g., BI, APM, SAP).

Fast ROI

Razor Labs has a proven track record of delivering tangible savings and quick ROI, evidenced by its deployments at numerous mining sites where it has prevented unplanned shutdowns and potential safety hazards.

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