Realtime AR are your number one digital transformation consults. Melbourne based, we are leading providers of next-generation AR technology for industrial workers, leveraging the Industrial Metaverse across Australia and South Pacific regions. Our mission is to enhance safety, productivity, and efficiency for Frontline workers in the field through the integration of AR technology and software. We believe businesses equipped with the best technology are the ones set up for success.

Backed by directors with over 70 years of corporate and industry experience; Supported by a team of certified AR Trainers dedicated to delivering innovative solutions, we connect workers with the information and tools they need to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. As AR Consultants we offer your organisation a range of products and training services, including industrial-grade hardware and software, tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries. Mining, Field services, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Automotive are only some of the fields we cover. 

Mining Organisations are now acting to capitalise on the enthusiasm to look for emerging technologies and future-focused work practices that are enabling success in the industry. Integrating wearable technology into your business is not just a solution to solve challenges now, but a long-term answer to enable process efficiency and significant cost reductions into the future. With our intrinsically safe devices we have seen Key use cases and solutions for the mining industry, such as remote engineering support, remote project management and enhanced training and competency management.

Our digital transformation consults in Australia understand that every industry is unique. That is why we work closely with our clients to understand their specific pain points and provide them with customised solutions that show proof of value and a return on their investment. We offer end-to-end training and support to ensure a smooth digital transition in your workplace. Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between the Industrial Metaverse and physical worlds, providing workers with necessary information and tools to work more effectively and safely in their field.

From RealWear, Moziware, Digilens, Telepresenz and more, we bring you the latest industry wearable hardware and software for your workers. Come have a chat to us at IMARC 2023 and to try for yourself the latest technology in this space!

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