Roobuck is a leading provider of Cap Lamps, Safety Signal Lights, other Explosion-proof Products and MineIoT Solutions.

Roobuck has the following Accreditations:

  • Ex Certificates/Approvals: IECEx, MSHA, IA, CNEx
  • Ex Quality Standards: ISO/IEC80079-34, ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

Roobuck's Key Offerings:

  • Cap Lamps
  • Wide range of models for various applications - cordless or corded, large size with strong beam or
    lightweight thin models at low cost, Ex certified/approved or Non-Ex or LED Beacon model
  • Wireless models for tracking and proximity; and other comprehensive functions
  • Complete charging facilities are available.

Personal Safety Products

  • Helmet beacons
  • Hi-Vis LED vest
  • LED Shoulder Brace

Industrial Lights

  • Runway lights for underground emergency/evacuation
  • Sandblast light

System Products

  • WiFi system for tracking, emergency, zone management and communications
  • V2P Collision Avoidance
  • PPE Kiosk in RFID/NFC and Face Recognition

R&D Projects:
Mainly digital mine projects supported by Australian Federal Government and NSW State Government,
universities and industries, including CRC-P, PSF and ARC Hub projects.

Global Reach:

  • Oceania: New Zealand and Papua New Guinea
  • Asia: Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia and Singapore
  • Africa: Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe
  • Americas: USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Colombia

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