Independent Logistics and Supply Chain Management Consultant based in South Australia with a worldwide presence, Rusu Consulting provides logistics and supply chain management assessments for mining projects at scoping, PFS and DFS development levels as well as supply chain optimisation studies for operating mines. 

The consultant’s competence covers bulk transportation on rail, road, barges, sea, materials handling at the mine site (loading/unloading, storage, etc) and port operations.

The consultant regularly partners with engineering and other consulting companies in performing logistics-related reviews as part of the due diligence processes for investors and financial institutions. 

The number of logistics and supply chain management related studies completed so far exceeds 50, covering multiple locations in Australia, North America, Africa, Europe and Asia/Pacific. 

Rusu Consulting areas of expertise:

  • Total supply chain (logistics) operational planning and cost assessments to companies interested in evaluating bulk minerals transport options by road, rail, overland conveyors, air, barges and/or sea from the origin point (mine, quarry) to the destination point (port/processing plant) within continental Australia and internationally. 
  • Assesses the existing road network and the road transport capabilities in terms of task and operational reliability as well as the road legal requirements.
  • Assesses existing and potential air-related supply chain/logistics facilities (airports, storage and distribution facilities, operators and equipment, etc.)
  • Assesses the existing rail network, potential corridor paths, virtual trains, task optimisation within the parameters defined by the rail network owner, rolling stock optimisation, crew cost estimates, infrastructure and/or additional infrastructure cost estimates (crossing loops, parking loops).
  • Assesses the port unloading, storage and ship loading capabilities.
  • Negotiates road and rail haulage contracts on behalf of its customers.
  • Develops direct shipping solutions, assessing shipping locations, transport infrastructure needed, ways to ship the product to destination, and estimating the project’s CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Develops and runs transport optimisation models, assesses logistics management systems, and assesses automated data gathering software packages for the materials handling, storage, road, rail, and shipping operations related to the mining industry.
  • Conducts critical peer assessments of logistics/export studies prepared by third parties.
  • Presents the “A to Z of mine logistics” interactive workshop covering mining supply chain optimisation, practical case studies, cost and capacity concepts and the key factors in evaluating the supply chains in the mining industry.

The business was established in August 2008 in West Beach, South Australia and relocated in August 2016 to the beautiful Encounter Bay, South Australia to address the niche market requirements of the mining industry, bulk logistics service providers, mining market analysts, mining investment fund managers assessing the parameters related to the transport and logistics of new mining projects.

Mr Mirel Rusu – the business owner, holds a Master's degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the University of SA, a Graduate Diploma degree in Economics from the Academy of Economics, Bucharest, Romania and a Master's degree in International Studies from the University of SA. 

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