SciAps, Inc., is a Boston-based portable analytical instrumentation company. We are dedicated to inventing, engineering, providing and servicing field-hardened, portable instruments to measure any compound, any mineral, any element – anyplace on the planet. Get the entire picture for research, exploration, grade control, block modelling, process optimization, and more.

Pioneers of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for LIBS. Leaders of in-field analysis of Li, Be, B, C, Na, F. Lithium in hard rocks and brines. High sensitivity to other major elements Mg, Si, Al, Ca, K. SciAps LIBS also allows you to map elemental distribution using GeoChem Pro.

SciAps Inc also offers the smallest, fastest, most precise handheld XRF available, with the most powerful X-ray tube. Perfect for gold pathfinders, transition and heavy metals. World’s only HH XRF optimized for rare earth elements.

Built on the Android operating system, SciAps instruments operate with the ease of a smart phone using app-based software that assures quality testing by every operator. Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with GPS capability, allow users to print, email, and connect to virtually any information management system for real-time results and full-featured reporting. Automatically merge XRF and LIBS tests with SciAps Cloud Services, and easily manage operations from anywhere.

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