SICK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for Factory Automation, Logistic Automation and Process Automation applications. Whether automating factories or optimising distribution centres, or monitoring emissions from a stack, SICK provides cost-effective solutions.

Our company has pioneered a long line of industry firsts – such as the first safety light curtain, the first colour sensor, and much more. These innovations provide solutions to virtually every industry application.

More people better service

A staff of more than 100 employees throughout Australasia makes SICK a specialised company in our field. The demands of modern industry call for ever increasing numbers of reliable non-contact sensors to automate a vast number of processes. We have the right sensor with the right function for your application.

 Application Solutions

Our experience in solving applications is simply ‘second to none’. The Source for Sensors is a unique combination of world leading sensor manufacturers who have a vast wealth of technical and application experience. With Australia’s largest team of sensor specialists, the optimal solution is found using the most suitable sensor technology.

 Service, Support and Reliable Back-up

A fully equipped workshop facility with factory trained service and technical engineers provides fast and reliable service and custom-built solutions for specialised applications. Combined with the largest stock holding of sensors and accessories at our central warehouse facility, Australia-wide delivery on standard products is usually within 24 hours. Special weekly air deliveries from overseas ensure dependable and reliable support for our customers.

Protecting productivity with systems in underground mining as well as surface mining and smelting.

From monitoring gas concentrations and air quality in the mine right through to collision protection for the large vehicles on the mine site: SICK offers a wide range of sensors and systems for increasing safety and monitoring potentially hazardous situations. SICK’s product portfolio includes solutions for analyzing and monitoring pit gas concentrations in coal mining. SICK also offers solutions for protecting mobile machines, for collision avoidance, and tunnel warning systems for underground and surface mining.

Environmentally-friendly hydrogen – the energy carrier of future 

Hydrogen changes hands several times from production to the end consumer. The ability to accurately determine the gas volume at each transfer point for billing purposes is essential to the acceptance and commercial success of hydrogen as an energy carrier. The purity of the hydrogen is also of significant importance. Contaminated hydrogen may contain sulfur components, ammonia or hydrocarbons in various mixtures and concentrations and, for example, have a detrimental effect on the service life of fuel cells. Different technologies, each with their typical measurement advantages, will be suitable for quality testing depending on the requirements. When natural gas is mixed with hydrogen, completely different measurement characteristics apply. The ultrasonic gas flow meters and gas flow measuring instruments from SICK reliably measure different gas mixtures in the gas network or in power-to-gas systems and are easy to integrate into the existing measuring technology. 

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