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SmarterLite unifies a number of well-established technology solutions that solve safety and emergency issues affecting the community. By leveraging years of research, development and application of specialist technologies, SmarterLite’s OmniGrip Direct, Vivacity and Safety Path divisions offer high-quality and unique solutions to safety and environmental issues affecting people, organisations and the planet. SmarterLite has developed the world’s pre-eminent photoluminescent technology that delivers pure, clean and renewable wireless light. By using Safety Path’s 17 years of research, development and commercialisation of photoluminescent safety products, SmarterLite uniquely offers photoluminescent line and pavement marking, road signs and safety products for the transport and infrastructure industries via its OmniGrip Direct division. Vivacity has 15 year’s knowledge and experience developing high-quality and highly-efficient LED lighting products, including LED safety tactiles, parking information signs and road safety treatments. Combined with Safety Path’s photoluminescent technology and OmniGrip Direct’s infrastructure expertise, SmarterLite now offers unique low energy illuminated safety products to the transport sector. OmniGrip Direct has more than 22 years-experience developing specialist safety and architectural surfacings for the road transport, building and architectural sectors. They include coloured and skid-resistant architectural finishes, skid-resistant safety surfaces, and coloured and skid-resistant safety surfaces for bus and bicycle lanes and pedestrian crossings. Drawing upon Safety Path and Vivacity’s expertise, OmniGrip Direct provides photoluminescent and solar hybrid signs, and photoluminescent line and pavement marking. Its solutions can be applied to roads, paths, tunnels, buildings, plazas, courtyards and other public spaces.

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