Josh Leppard founded Soft Rigging Solutions in 2019 after being a first responder to a fatal incident on site. A dozer rolled down a steep embankment and came to rest upside down in a body of mud. Personnel involved were required to use heavy steel d-shackles and slings to upright the machine. To do so, they needed to traverse down a steep embankment at night, on undulating ground carrying heavy steel D- shackles that weighed 58kg each and slings that weighed 140kg.

Josh knew there needed to be a safer and more effective solution to recovery in mining and together with his wife Natasha, they made this a reality. As Josh is also an offshore yacht racer, he was aware of lightweight synthetic rope and soft shackles made specifically for the marine industry. These shackles removed the steel to reduce the weight whilst still providing exceptional strength properties. After extensive research and development, Soft Rigging Solutions produced the lightweight Poseidon Shackle, which won the 2019 Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Innovation Awards.

Since this time the product range has grown to include many soft shackles with varying applications, and their Safety Up Device (SUD) was awarded the 2022 Queensland Mining Safety Initiative award.

Josh and Natasha are passionate about bringing multi-award winning and innovative rigging solutions to the world. The Soft Rigging range now includes lightweight shackles, strops, and complete recovery trailer kits. In addition, they are currently working towards a lifting certification in their quest to make dangerous heavy steel D-shackles redundant.

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