Strata Worldwide

Strata Worldwide

Strata Worldwide is a global company of innovative systems, products, and services. We specialise in technologies that have been built for the rugged, highly active working environments found in the mining, tunnelling and maritime industries, and which promote worker safety and increased productivity.

Founded in 1992 as a manufacturer and supplier of engineered coal mine roof support products, Strata has spent decades expanding its portfolio of products and now offers a wide, diverse selection of systems and technologies geared toward increasing the safety of people in industrial working environments. Along with its selection of novel roof support systems, the company has become globally known for its lines of emergency refuge shelters and proximity detection (PDS) and collision avoidance (CAS) systems. 

For emergency refuge, Strata offers a comprehensive selection of steel-sided, inflatable and built-in-place refuge shelters which include fully air-powered options, walk-through change-over stations, underground safe rooms and the traditional, electrically powered walk-in units. These chambers are optionally equipped with the latest in high-tech solutions for communication and remote monitoring. Strata chambers can be built to spec and outfitted to meet the requirements of individual underground operations as well as local, federal and industrial regulations.

HazardAvert®, Strata’s brand of proximity detection and collision avoidance, is a highly versatile level 9 electromagnetic (EM) system that can be used on any type, size or brand of vehicle or machinery. The company has the largest installation base of electromagnetic proximity detection systems globally, and over 12 years of in-the-field deployment experience. 

Through a partnership with Nerospec SK, Strata has also brought the StrataHub range of machine controllers, interfaces and data loggers to market. This connected machine technology delivers real-time insights into the maintenance, safety and productivity performance of operating machinery. The universal interfaces for trackless machinery can also interface seamlessly with HazardAvert to provide intelligent capabilities in machine-override for automatic slowing and stopping in accident prevention. 

Finally, Strata Worldwide specialises in multipurpose network infrastructures that deliver reliable communications and fast IoT networking. Digitized leaky feeder, Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), Wi-Fi with Bluetooth®, LTE/5G cellular and proprietary wireless networks are all available options for establishing two-way communication, video streaming, location tracking, instrumental telemetry, automation, remote monitoring and more. Interoperability with Strata’s safety technologies in emergency refuge and proximity detection enables real-time data transfers to surface operations for analysis, reporting and training. 

Strata’s goal is to become a qualified partner to its customers and not only supply them with leading-edge technologies, but also provide support and experienced insight gained from its considerable years of experience.

The company has global offices, manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Australia, the United States, Canada and South Africa. The Australian head office is located in Newcastle, NSW and its regional offices are in Mackay, QLD and Perth, WA.

Contact information:

Unit 1 / 8 Channel Road
Mayfield West
NSW 2304
Tel: +61 (0) 4960 9705

c/- RCOE, 65 Chrichtons Rd, Paget            
QLD 4740 
Tel:  +61 (0) 437 827 761

Level 7, 191 St Georges Terrace
WA, 6000
+61 (0) 422 116 666

Strata Worldwide

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