Strata Worldwide has dedicated its business to developing advanced safety solutions for mines all over the world. Increasing the safety of miners, and improving mining efficiency and productivity, have always been the heart of the company’s focus.

Strata began in underground, secondary roof support for coal operations, but today proudly services mines of all commodities, all sizes and all locations with a broad portfolio of products and technologies.
HazardAvert®, Strata’s name in electromagnetic proximity detection and collision avoidance, is a highly versatile level 9 system that can be used on any type, size or brand of vehicle or machinery. Strata has a large installation base of electromagnetic systems globally, and over 13 years of in-the-field deployment experience.

Through a partnership with Nerospec SK, Strata offers the StrataHUB range of intelligent machine controllers, interfaces and data loggers. This connected machine technology interfaces with HazardAvert to provide another level of intelligent intervention with the machine speed control and braking during CRAWL and STOP collision avoidance events. 
Failures that may result in a loss of control or lead to the machine run-away when on a decline can be minimized or avoided with the inclusion of this technology. StrataHub also delivers real-time insights into the maintenance, safety and productivity performance of operating machinery.

Strata is expanding its safety technology portfolio to include artificial intelligence-based (AI) sensors for collision avoidance, restricted zone management and fatigue monitoring. In 2022 the company announced its acquisition of the assets and intellectual property rights to Bright Path AI (BPAI), artificial intelligence cameras developed by Boral Limited and Firetail Pty Ltd. At IMARC Strata will showcase a ready-for-market AI machine vision system. These AI sensors detect and differentiate between pedestrians, machinery and other objects, measure distances and emit warning alerts, as necessary, to prevent accidents and collisions. 

Finally, Strata specialises in multipurpose network infrastructures that deliver reliable communications and fast IoT networking. Strata will be displaying the Vernetzen Wi-Fi over coax, high speed industrial grade wireless access system that delivers a highly available and manageable network to support autonomous vehicles and mining applications.
The company has global offices, manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Australia, the United States, Canada and South Africa. The Australian head office is located in Newcastle, NSW and its regional offices are in Mackay, QLD and Perth, WA.

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