Stratum AI

Stratum AI is a mining technology company that produce mineral resource, ore reserve and geometallurgical models that are significantly more accurate than the industry standard geostatistical interpolation models. By applying proprietary Machine Learning technology (Deep Learning) to mine site data sets (e.g. diamond/RC drillholes, grade control &/or blastholes, rock-chip samples). Stratum's proven methods results in globally and locally accurate block models for both short and long-term use. Their technology has been applied to precious and bulk metal producing assets in major mining jurisdictions including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Kazakhstan, PNG, Chile, Peru and US.

Stratum's innovation has directly increased yield and/or reduced operating costs for mines within a year of its implementation; for example, Stratum's block model achieved a ~70% decrease in quarterly contained oz. deviation, using only data already present at an orogenic lode gold mine and have significantly improved ore typing (oxide[O], transition[T] sulphide[S]) at an epithermal refractory gold mine.

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