Subrosa aims at ensuring the integrity of your mobile phones and empowering your digital privacy in an age of evolving, world-wide threats.

The symbol of the rose denotes confidentiality since ancient times. The story tells of Aphrodite who gave a rose to her son Eros. He, in return, gave it to the god of silence – Harpocrates to keep Aphrodite’s indiscretions private. Roses painted the ceilings of ancient Roman banquet rooms, hung in council meetings and private chambers, and decorated the confessionals in Christian churches. Through time, being under the rose (“sub rosa”) has always meant that the conversation you’re part of is absolutely secret.

Then came the dawn of technology – turning communication into bits of data, interceptable and readable by third parties. Subrosa was created to guarantee the privacy of communication in this new, digital world. We are here to imprint the rose deep in our state-of-the-art encryption algorithms and ensure that your mobile conversations are secure and always remain sub rosa.

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