Meet Teltonika IoT Group – European manufacturer of networking equipment, telematics hardware, asset trackers & EV charging devices

Robust Networking Equipment: Remote Managed Routers, Gateways & Switches

Secure, reliable, and robust connectivity is paramount for all mining operations. Our industrial-grade, routers, gateways, and switches empower mining operations to stay connected, automate processes and enhance operational efficiency. All Teltonika Networks devices can be customised to your business use case, as well as remotely accessed, controlled, and monitored using our Remote Management Software. 

In an era where automation is reshaping industries, Teltonika Networks is at the forefront of innovation. Our cutting-edge solutions automate various aspects of mining operations, from autonomous vehicles to smart machinery. Our devices provide the connectivity backbone needed for smooth communication between automated systems.

Vehicle Telematics: Mining Fleet Management and Asset Tracking

Efficient fleet management and precise asset tracking are essential for successful mining operations. Teltonika Telematics specializes in advanced solutions designed to optimize fleet performance, monitor equipment health, and enhance operational efficiency. 

Our robust telematics hardware provides valuable insights into vehicle and equipment utilization, fuel consumption, maintenance needs and more. 

Smart, Connected EV Charging

Our connected EV charging devices are designed for modern infrastructure projects and home charging. From solar integration to intelligent energy monitoring, Teltonika Energy empowers businesses to meet the needs of a growing market, without compromising on control and performance. 

Connect with Teltonika IoT Group

  • IoT Expertise: Over 25 years developing IoT devices for the global market.
  • European Engineering and Manufacturing: Meet the highest global standards of quality, reliability, and security.
  • Global Presence with Local Support: Local offices in over 28 counties worldwide.

Explore Teltonika IoT devices and experience the culmination of over two decades of IoT expertise, European engineering excellence, and a commitment to transforming our world through technology. Connect with us to explore enhanced connectivity, efficiency, and sustainability for the local mining industry. 

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