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Sensor-based ore sorting machines from TOMRA Sorting Mining make it possible to significantly increase the efficiency and lifetime of a mine and to make use of ore deposits that could not previously be mined economically. These robust ore sorting machines are built to be able to process large quantities of rocks around the clock and selectively retrieve the hidden treasures with the help of intelligent sensor systems.

With a significant market share of more than 50 percent, TOMRA Sorting Mining is the world market leader in ore sorting. The company’s innovative strength has its foundations in thirty years of experience in mining. With its great appreciation for tradition and its down to earth approach, TOMRA Sorting Mining will continue to search out and expand options for extracting and sorting ore and other raw materials.

Our clients have the opportunity to visit our Test Centre to perform trials on their ore or raw materials and make sure that they get the perfect solution to their sensor-based ore sorting tasks.

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