Toshiba creates technology and solutions that power Australian industry.

Toshiba International Corporation has been supporting Australia’s growth for over 45 years.

Since 1978, Toshiba has been providing some of the world’s most energy-efficient engineered products to local and international customers alike.

Today, the majority of base load energy generated in NSW is delivered by Toshiba’s turbines, generators and transformers. We have been involved in driving efficiency and operational improvements supporting some of Australia’s largest mining, industrial, and petrochemical projects. Our people, our motors, control systems, and services have played an essential part in Australia’s power network and infrastructure development.

Born in Japan, built in Australia
Toshiba International Corporation was built on Australian soil, from humble beginnings as Maddrell Brothers, a family-run business in Sydney that supplied Toshiba’s Japanese-made equipment throughout Australia. This long-term partnership became the seed for Toshiba International Corporation, which today incorporates the dual arms of our Industrial Systems and Solutions (ISS) and Energy Systems and Services (ESS) Divisions.

Toshiba International Corporation has always done things differently
Innovative thinking is in our DNA. Since our inception, our engineers, project management, field services, and sales teams have been busy proactively seeking to understand our customers’ needs and develop tailored technology solutions fit for Australia’s unique environment.

This customer-first approach is the backbone of the Toshiba International Corporation’s culture. It is what drives us forward, enabling us to build a reputation of high quality and exceptional reliability.

Providing the solutions that power industry
From mine sites, power plants, and industrial facilities across the country, our people, products, and services have helped move industry forward.

As the needs of Australian industry grow and adapt, so too does Toshiba. Our teams are looking to the future, focusing on developing cyber physical solutions that will help create a more responsive, more efficient, and more agile industry. Our motivation is to deliver solutions that reduce our carbon footprint, and support the transition to a cleaner energy future, while enabling our customers to confidently achieve their business goals.

Building a business for the next generation
Toshiba International Corporation’s Industrial and Energy Divisions have been a building block in Australian industry, providing knowledge, support, and exceptional service across generations.

Toshiba will continue improving and enhancing the performance of our range. We are preparing the next generation of equipment and associated service capabilities, to support our portfolio of products, systems, and solutions. Our commitment is to develop and innovate, to support our clients by delivering solutions that will continue to power Australian industry.

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