Universal Field Robots Pty Ltd (UFR) is a trailblazer in the world of robotics and automation, specialising in the mining, defence and construction sectors. An Australian-based company, UFR is renowned for its commitment to innovation, safety, and the accelerated development of revolutionary technology solutions. The company's comprehensive R&D and manufacturing facility, located in Brisbane, is complemented by dedicated testing areas where products are rigorously evaluated before deployment. 

At the heart of UFR's product line is UFRautonomy, a comprehensive package of smart software and hardware components. These systems integrate seamlessly with mass-produced machine platforms, transforming them into advanced robotic tools capable of automated driving, hydraulic arm control, machine perception, and mission planning. Such innovations significantly increase operational efficiency and safety while reducing overall costs. They enable machines to operate manually, remotely, or autonomously, empowering a single operator to oversee multiple units from a safe location. 

The versatility of UFRautonomy, a brand-agnostic solution, ensures its applicability to a wide range of vehicle platforms. UFR's 'Robot Library' includes ready to trial automated solutions for excavators, skid steer loaders, ATVs, underground haulage trucks and piling machines. 

An expansion in 2021 resulted in an advanced, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, enabling UFR to rapidly develop and deploy automated solutions in response to evolving industry needs. The company now has an impressive fleet of machines operating in Australia, South Africa, and Chile, delivering significant safety and cost efficiencies across sectors. 

UFR's customer-centric approach is demonstrated by its tailored solutions addressing the unique needs of each operation. For instance, their collaboration with Gold Fields resulted in a custom retrofit integration kit for Epiroc MT65 haul trucks, reducing disruption while maximising operational efficiency. 

With its robust UFRautonomy package, UFR integrates high-powered edge computing and best-in-class 3D Lidar systems, temperature-rated and hardened for demanding outdoor environments. These features unlock the potential of high-performance AI applications and enable solutions to complex problems. UFR's proactive approach to addressing network communication challenges and the development of assessment tools further solidify its position as a leading innovator in the sector. 

UFR’s commitment to safety is emphasised by its adherence to ISO and standards, with its team members trained in safety evaluation performance level assessment. 

UFR’s rapid delivery and implementation, collaborative culture, and proactive problem-solving are redefining automation standards. By delivering flexible, customised automation solutions in short timeframes, UFR is shaping the future of the mining, defence, and construction industries. Their vision for advanced technology promises to bring forth unprecedented gains in productivity, safety, and sustainability. UFR is truly a game-changer, driving the industry towards a future fuelled by innovation and efficiency. 

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