Veridapt monitors over 6 billion litres of hydrocarbons annually at 80+ major mine and rail operations worldwide with its proprietary fuel and emissions management technology. Our clients include BHP, Rio Tinto, Glencore, Vale, Teck, Syncrude and major rail companies.

AdaptFMS monitors and authorises fuel and lubricant deliveries and consumption across the entire operational supply chain in real time. The platform also allows for accurate emissions tracking of every fuel consuming asset. 

Australia-based Veridapt has been a leader in digital energy management for over 20 years. Our technology is built on rugged hardware and enterprise software applications specifically designed to fit any size mining, rail or other commodities business that requires inventory storage.

AdaptFMS eliminates risk of theft and fraud by providing total inventory transparency 24/7. 

By tracking the entire fuel & lubricant chain from delivery to consumption using our leading technology, businesses achieve:

  • Real-time reconciliation
  • Increased productivity
  • Streamlined operations
  • Greater cost savings
  • Optimal security
  • Accurate emissions monitoring

AdaptFMS is designed to ensure all inflows and outflows across an operation reconcile to within a suitable error limit so you can be confident you are optimising fuel and lubricant use.

Reliable data and accurate reconciliation is achieved through checks and processes that guarantee only correct data enters the system. 

Operating across Australia, North and South America and Asia-Pacific, Veridapt provides a fully digitalised way to monitor and manage fuel consumption and emissions as mining and rail business require greater solutions to address efficiency and ESG goals.

The company’s 75+ employees are committed to the highest level of customer support. Our specialised service and support team assist to optimise and sustain advanced digitised supply chain solutions through our global network of experts.

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