VRMesh is a point cloud processing software tool for open-pit design, underground tunnel analysis, volume calculation, and water catchment analysis. Our innovative technologies convers automatic point cloud classification, feature extraction, and accurate point cloud meshing, processing a large set of point clouds generated from airborne/mobile LiDAR scanning, terrestrial laser scanning and UAV images in an automated manner.

The key benefits of using VRMesh in mining industry include:

  • Classifying point clouds and creating digital twins for mining.
  • Providing quick and flexible prototyping for open-pit design and road creation.
  • Creating accurate 3D models for underground tunnel analysis and deviation measurement.
  • Calculating the volume of a stockpile accurately, easily and fast. 
  • Extracting breaklines from point clouds and meshes.
  • Visualizing large point clouds and meshes.

VRMesh provides a streamlined workflow and a comprehensive toolset that makes engineers' jobs easier and maximizes productivity at work. Our customers mostly come from the mining, oil/gas, utility, construction, and land surveying industries.

For a live demonstration, please stop by booth MA5 at Bonanza Hall. We are pleased to show you our innovative technologies.

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