• Stand: M074
  • Location: Australia
  • Tickers: Private:
  • Commodities: Hydrogen, Kaolin, Silica Sands
  • Project Stages: Exploration

Vytas is an Emerging Producer of Green Hydrogen, Critical Minerals and Technology Materials. Founded by an Experienced Management Team, with decades of experience in critical minerals, R&D and product development.

Vytas understands that critical minerals will play a crucial role in the transition to a renewable economy, whether it be in the form of silica for solar panels, anode material for green hydrogen or enhanced lithium battery performance and carbon-neutral construction materials.

Vytas is progressing its Green Hydrogen Strategy, which is reshaping the company given the potential to be a project with global significance.

The advantages of an “At-Source and On-Demand” Green Hydrogen process include:

  • Negates the engineering and safety challenges of hydrogen storage and logistics.
  • Utilises non-beneficial water such as brackish and sea water.
  • This technology removes the need for expensive electrolysers to produce hydrogen.
  • A low-cost natural feedstock and with global scale.
  • The waste product of Vytas’ “On Demand, At Source” Green Hydrogen is the initial feedstock which can then be recycled for reuse.
  • Target markets include anywhere where safety is paramount: automotive, heavy machinery, shipping, rail, defence, disaster response, mining, agriculture, remote townships and grid scale applications.

In addition, the Company is using Crystalline Silica, Nano-porous Silica and Kaolin from its West Australian Projects to produce:

  • Nano Tech Silicon (NTS)
  • For the production of Green Hydrogen
  • High Purity Silicon (HPS)
  • High quality anodes for next-gen batteries and electrolysers
  • High Purity Alumina (HPA)
  • High Purity Quartz (HPQ)
  • Rare Earth Elements (REE)
  • DSO Materials
  • Green Cement
  • Kaolin

Vytas has an in-house laboratory and a team with the expertise to produce high purity materials, an experienced team to commission and operate large scale mining projects and experience in permitting and environmental approvals.

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