Whitmore Manufacturing, LLC is an established global company with a rich legacy dating back to 1893. As industry pioneers, we have proven ourselves as leaders in the field of lubrication and reliability solutions with well-known and trusted brands, Whitmore®, Jet-Lube®, and OilSafe®. Our commitment to excellence has propelled us to the forefront, offering high-performance products that enhance the reliability, performance, and longevity of industrial assets.

Whitmore Manufacturing and its brands understand the challenges posed by moderate to extreme conditions and environments. Our products set the standard for lubrication and reliability in these conditions and environments, providing solutions that prevent challenges and ensure the smooth operation of critical equipment. We take pride in innovation, continuously pushing the boundaries to meet and exceed the evolving needs of industries worldwide.

A key pillar of our success is a dedicated distribution network committed to providing high-quality products with a service-intensive approach. Our partners are dedicated to providing unparalleled technical support, ensuring total customer satisfaction, and fostering lasting partnerships.

Whitmore, our lubrication brand offered outside the Americas provides tailored solutions for many applications designed to meet the specific needs of each industry. Our extensive product range includes Performance Chain, Open Gear, Cam—and Rail Lubricants, Compressor—Gear—and Hydraulic Oils, Greases, Friction Modifiers, Rail Applicators, and Track-Mounted Components. Whether you operate in the mining, rail, or heavy industrial sectors, Whitmore products are engineered to keep your equipment operating at peak performance.

For those in the Oil & Gas, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Food & Beverage, and Industrial sectors, our global lubrication brand, Jet-Lube, provides a comprehensive line of performance lubrication products. From Valve and Open Gear Lubricants to Food Grade Lubricants, Anti-Seizes, Production and Drilling Compounds, Greases, Thread and High-Temp Sealants, Injectable Packings, Pipe Wraps, Coatings, Cleaners/Degreasers, and more, Jet-Lube ensures the reliability and efficiency of your equipment.

OilSafe, Whitmore Manufacturing’s global reliability brand, is a comprehensive solution for plant maintenance across all industries. Our innovative products optimize your facility's workflow, from bulk storage to point of use. OilSafe ensures reliable storage, transfer, identification, and protection of fluids, preventing contamination, reducing risks, and eliminating human error. This simplifies maintenance processes and extends the life of your fluids and equipment.

Whitmore, Jet-Lube, and OilSafe are not just brands; they are symbols of reliability, quality, and innovation. As registered trademarks of Whitmore Manufacturing, these brands represent our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional solutions that surpass industry standards.

Whitmore Manufacturing stands as a standard of excellence in lubrication and reliability. With a legacy spanning over a century, we continue to evolve, adapt, and lead the industry with cutting-edge products and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Partner with us, and experience the difference that Whitmore, Jet-Lube, and OilSafe can make in enhancing the performance and longevity of your industrial assets.

Whitmore Manufacturing, LLC is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 company headquartered in the United States – Texas with facilities in Canada and the United Kingdom.

whitmores.com | jetlube.com | oilsafe.com

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