At Yurika, we’re empowering the mining transition.

As a full-service energy and connectivity provider, we work closely with the mining industry to develop and deliver innovative solutions supporting a more sustainable future. 

What we do:

Transition to renewable energy  

Whether it’s solar, wind, hydroelectric power, or battery energy storage, we work closely with you to deliver clean and reliable energy. Our services extend to standalone, hybrid, and microgrid systems, supporting remote areas and enabling uninterrupted and backup power supply.

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure for mines

Leveraging our experience with the deployment of EV and High Voltage network infrastructure, our services include full assessment, design, supply, installation and testing of EV charging infrastructure and post-delivery operation. Maintenance activities support continuous network monitoring through real-time, proactive fault detection and rectification activities. We integrate renewables, including solar, wind, and batteries, for added benefits, creating opportunities for extra revenue by selling surplus power back to the grid.

Electrical networks and infrastructure

Our full turnkey transmission and distribution services provide safe and reliable electricity to any mine site. From planning and designing your network, through to full delivery, operation and maintenance, we help to ensure your mine site runs safely, reliably, and as planned. 

Communication and data management

  • High-speed connectivity: reliable internet and point-to-point services for real-time communication, data transfer, and remote monitoring, via fibre optics, microwave, satellite, or wireless technology.
  • Hosting of critical infrastructure and data: we offer access to secure high availability data centres across Australia to ensure ongoing security of hardware and information. Our regional data centres enable more direct data processing, closer to the data source.
  • Remote network monitoring: 24/7 monitoring enhances safety, efficiency, and reduces risk in remote or hazardous areas. Our team is ready and available to tailor a solution fit for your business

Energy efficiency

Our smart metering and control systems enable real-time management of energy use across gas, electricity and water, optimising resources and enhancing operational performance. This informed decision-making and process optimisation supports more sustainable mining operations. We offer future-ready connections, opening opportunities for revenue through virtual power plants.

Sustainable supply chain management

Our Energy Supplies team demonstrates it’s commitment to sustainable procurement practices and has access to over 27,000+ local, electrical products in stock to choose from servicing a wide range of mining projects across the Asia-Pacific region.

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