Established in 2008 and headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, Ziltek has emerged as a trusted name in soil analysis, catering to a global clientele. We tackle significant challenges in the mining and resources sector, especially concerning Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) contamination in soils. Our flagship product, RemScan, is an advanced portable device that employs Mid Infrared (MIR) spectroscopy to provide swift and precise soil property measurements. Distinct from traditional methods, RemScan efficiently analyzes various parameters, including hydrocarbon contamination levels, at a cost notably lower than standard laboratory tests. Esteemed institutions such as Battelle (USA), ALS Ltd, and CSIRO have validated these results.

Our diverse clientele encompasses prominent names in the mining, oil and gas sectors, the United Nations, and a range of environmental waste and engineering firms. In the mining domain, RemScan's applications are multifaceted. Some companies integrate it into their regular environmental management activities for continuous spill monitoring and management. In contrast, others deploy RemScan for ad-hoc emergency spill responses. A notable application is the monitoring of remote bioremediation pads, which negates the frequent need for sample transportation between the site and the laboratory. This not only reduces logistical challenges but also allows for high-frequency sampling due to the minimal incremental cost of measurement, enhancing decision-making confidence.

The advantages of RemScan are many. It aids in minimizing operational impacts, ensures consistent data collection, and diminishes reliance on costly and time-consuming laboratory analyses. It also facilitates a higher volume of measurements than typically possible, bolstering confidence in the results. Users consistently highlight its cost-effectiveness and practical applicability in diverse settings.

Multiple independent studies have objectively verified RemScan's accuracy and performance, further cementing Ziltek's industry standing. These studies corroborate that RemScan's accuracy and repeatability align with our assertions and underscore its user-friendly design.

Ziltek's in-house software seamlessly translates RemScan's data into actionable soil property insights, displayed on an intuitive tablet interface. This data is securely stored in an auditable database, ensuring data integrity. Our dedicated service team works closely with clients, offering tailored calibration development, comprehensive staff training, and ensuring the delivery of actionable insights.

Our dedication to technological advancement is evident in our collaborations with academic and government entities, including CSIRO, RMIT, EPA, and the Australian Antarctic Program. We're also actively involved in both private and government-funded soil carbon initiatives across Australia.

Ziltek provides practical solutions to the global mining and resources industry, with a keen focus on addressing TPH contamination challenges in mine sites. With a solid track record, strategic partnerships, and a visionary approach, Ziltek is poised to significantly influence soil analysis standards on a global scale.

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