3D-P provides wireless networking and data access to the mining industry, designed to deliver efficiencies in production, asset health, and safety. With a strict focus on outdoor industrial networks, and specializing in both above and underground mines, 3D-P is the industry leader in design, deployment, optimization, and support of purpose-built wireless networks in support of our customers specific mobility and data access requirements. Our expertise expands to designing and supporting mission critical networks that provide the necessary level of reliability required by autonomous fleet. Our solutions go beyond the wireless network. Enabling Smart Internet of Things (IoT), the edge computing design of the Intelligent Endpoint allows intelligent data collection, and networking, as well as enabling the introduction of analytics and advanced applications at the edge, on-board the machine. This capability reduces network load, allows prioritization of data, real-time alerting, and guaranteed availability and performance of the network. Our latest addition includes a hybrid LTE/InstaMesh Client that provides millisecond roaming between the two technologies. This solution addresses both the coverage and high throughput issue that LTE alone sometimes faces. Our on-going commitment to research and development combined with our strategic partnerships with some of the most forward-thinking technology companies around the world guarantee that 3D-P continues to set new standards of innovation and excellence for the mining industry and thats why over 100 mines have trusted 3D-P as a key technology partner, not only deploying and managing their networks, but ensuring they get the most out of their connected data.

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