APC Technology

Since 1984, APC has led the way in ruggedised hardware and software innovation, developing technology that is built to survive the impact of the elements.

Whether it’s shock, vibration, water, dust, g-forces, or anything nature throws at you, we can develop a technology solution to help get your work done.

Our constantly improving, end-to-end design, manufacture and sustainment processes ensure that we conquer every project we tackle. Our state-of-the-art facilities give us the capacity to innovate and the confidence to supply our products knowing they will work where and how you need them to, every time.

APC’s experienced, close-knit team of engineers, researchers, project managers and customer support staff work together to create a truly integrated and reliable end-to-end technology solutions that leverages every element of our expertise.

Partner with us and discover how we push past the limits of what’s possible, going beyond to deliver timely world-leading solutions, and ongoing world-class service, to drive your business forward.

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